Our Story

Blog posts about our decision to move to Mexico and how our lives are unfolding here.

IMG_6755Breaking New Ground
If we’ve learned anything in the 40-something years we’ve lived on this Earth, it is that you can never really say never. More often than not, the things we have sworn we would never do, warned others not to do, and sometimes made fun of, are the things we end up doing ourselves. Like building a house in Mexico.

IMG_0235Mid-Life Awakening
Some people when they hit their 40s and 50s go through what is known as a midlife crisis. This is the time in life when, if you believe in the propaganda of our consumerist society, one should have reached the pinnacle of one’s career, reared the prescribed 2.5 children, obtained the house with white picket fence, and finally have one’s proverbial shit together.

p1040185-2The Lazy Mother
Some may call me a lazy mother. I know I’ve thought of myself that way at times living in Mexico. Today, I’m sitting at a beachside restaurant with my girlfriends drinking margaritas, while our children – ages 2 through 10 – play. They run up and down the shoreline, darting past the string of palapa-roofed restaurants, in between sun umbrellas and sunbathers and in and out of sight. 

IMG_20151215_171001Should We Stay Or Should We Go?
The news came as a shock. The look on Brian’s face was pure disbelief after he hung up the phone with the principal of the school where he had worked for the past 13 years. They were holding his position for him. Earlier that day, I was offered my old job back in the USA. If Brian headed back to the classroom, that meant we both would have jobs to come home to after our year away. Our former lives in Colorado were just sitting there waiting for us.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.48.08 PMMainland, Here We Come!
After two amazing months on the Baja California peninsula, it was time to head to the mainland to our new home in Chacala, Nayarit. We were both anxious and nervous about this next part of our journey. We were about to move to a town that we had never seen before. All we knew about Chacala was what we could find online. Chacala is really small, so there isn’t much about it online. What if we don’t like it?

0717151959Saying Goodbye
It has been an emotional couple of weeks saying goodbye to our friends, family, co-workers, and our little town of Louisville, Colorado. We have a good thing going here: great jobs, awesome friends, a wonderful home and fantastic neighborhood. We are incredibly fortunate. We have everything we need, and more than we could ever hope for, right here.

MommyMayaSayulita2012Maya and Mexico
At the tender age of three (when we arrived in Chacala), Maya already had a deeper connection to Mexico than either Brian or me. Before moving here, she’d already spent more of her total lifetime in Mexico than either of us have, having visited the country three times already (and once in utero).

KinoOverviewOur Inspiration
Our love of Mexico has deep roots. For me, it started as a teenager on frequent trips with my parents to resorts like Cancun, Cozumel, Mazatlan and Acapulco. Brian’s connection came later, but was even more meaningful. In 2002, he led his middle school science class on trip through the Baja Peninsula.