Expat Stories

Here I will be featuring stories of other American families that have made the move to Mexico. These stories will dig into: why they moved, how they made it happen and lessons learned along the way. I hope these stories — and our own — help inspire you to plan your own family’s escape/journey – wherever you may land. 

If you are an American family living in Mexico and would like to share your story, please connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. With your permission, I may feature your story on this page!

Sick of the rat race in California, the O’Grady family moved to San Pancho, Nayarit in 2012. They currently live in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

Who is moving to Mexico from the U.S.? The answer might surprise you.
Article originally published in Mexico News Daily, Feb. 1, 2022
When you think about who is moving to Mexico from the United States, you probably think of retirees seeking a warmer and more affordable place to live out their golden years. While there is certainly a large population of senior snowbirds from the U.S. that live full- or part-time in Mexico, the truth is that most U.S. citizens moving to and living in Mexico today are younger people.